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Ink was used to secure the crucial moments of my life, to survive the painful or magnificent events and the loss of loved ones. The act of tattooing was a powerful catharsis, an instrument for healing.

The first tattoo of my career was a covering of scars. C. came to me knowing that I was at my beginning, trusting her instinct. She needed someone who did not judge her. She gave me carte blanche for the interpretation of the subject and no explanation. 

What she wanted was to go further, emptying those furrows from pain and filling them with something that reminded her of who she was before cutting herself. Tattooing her was an honor and it gave me the idea that tattooing went beyond simply tracing images. I wanted to understand the sign and its meaning, with the intent to offering to my clientele the possibility of regaining possession of their body through the symbol, and through a rite of passage that is as sacred and powerful as the act of tattooing. 

I have always galvanized by the idea of living within the community knowing that I can make a concrete contribution. Working with women or men who have recovered from cancer or other wars, no less important or painful, filling the scars with the memory of those who were before the war or with the hope of new tomorrow has always been the right choice and also the most natural one. The machine is an obviously important tool and my teachers have done their best to put me in a position to learn how to use the tools of the trade. But in the noise, in the vibration, in the invasive action of the machine there was something that did not coincide with my project. To implement the choice to bring the tattoo back to its ancient “shamanic” function, what I needed was a return to the origin of the practice itself: so I started to work by hand. All the feelings of not being good enough, clean enough, fairly precise, have disappeared. During the session time slows down, giving me the opportunity to relate better to the person who asks to get tattooed. I want to understand them, listen to them, help them to heal and then let them go, knowing that during that session there was a fair exchange…the handpoked gave me the opportunity to understand something that should be among the fundamental aspects of this work: when I tattoo I know exactly where I am. It is this feeling that I want to convey to those who choose to get tattooed by me: you’re here for a reason, you’re there, you’re safe, you did it.


For what concerne my work as illustrator, I’ve started in 2015 and I’m a freelance since the start

I’ve developed several personal projects, as you can see in my portofolio, and currently I study comics at the Academy and visual arts and new media – Scuola Internazionale di Comics.

I’ve also worked for American and European clients: I used to create tarot cards and personalized oracles, taking advantage of my knowledge in Symbology and Mythology.

I’ve also created flyers for Larp associations here in Sicily and for local events. I drew all my logos, stickers and business card, and my banner for the convention.

I’m good to work with every kind of clients, but I never tolerate abuses from them. I believe in the reciprocity of purpose and I do my best to be kind. Please, do the same.


If you want a custom commission, please send me and e-mail here

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